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Why we love it?
It's ‘magical’. We’ve have tried and tested it and it delivers what it promises - it dissolves cystic acne! 

SKINutritious Clove Oil Clearing Serum is a powerful plant-based formula that helps dissolves cysts and clears blemishes. This formulated is prefectely contains perfectly balance ingredients including organic clove oil which is an unusually rich antioxidant with superior antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Great for targeting congested and acne-prone skin areas
  • SCENT: Gentle spicy aroma
  • TEXTURE: Light to medium, absorbs quicker when applied on damp skin
  • All SKINutritous products have been tested to be non-comedogenic (won't clog you pores), safe for sensitive skin and are never tested on animals

Reviews from Elise's Skin Clinic clients:

The clove oil serum she makes is magic in a bottle” - Natalie F.

My favorite is her clove oil serum, which dissolves acne like magic for me” - Piyali F.

"Your clove oil is the best thing ever! Was nervous since it's a bit pricey, but it is amazing! After a weekend of horrible (it happens!) eating and drinking, and using the clove oil on mywhole face at night = no breakouts! I almost always get cystic breakouts after I fall off the wagon. So grateful! Thank you for a wonderful product. And it smells great " -Kristen M.

Clove oil IS incredible. I think I didn't have success with it previously because I wasn't applying it often enough. The key is to do so very frequently (like you've mentioned before)! I've been combating a baby pimple by applying clove oil every couple/few hours and I seem to be winning the battle! The only drawback I guess is the hassle, but it's gotta be done." -Mel Y.

Benefits & Key Ingredients:
Organic Clove Oil: Just 2 drops of clove essential oil has the antioxidant power of 5lb of carrots, 20oz orange juice, 2.5lbs of beets, 4 cups of raspberries or 2.5 cups of blueberries. Omega 3, Magnesium, calcium, vitamins C and K also make strong appearance.
Organic Jojoba Oil: non-comedogenic, not an actual oil but a wax ester which is the most similar to human skin oil, can balance skin oil production.

How to use:
Rub 1-3 pumps over affected areas both morning and night. Allow to absorb 2 minutes before applying moisturiser. To dissolve new cysts fast, use additionally as a spot treatment throughout the day.


organic jojoba oil, organic clove bud (syzygium aromaticum) oil, and organic bergamot oil (citrus bergamia) oil.

ABOUT SKINutritious:

SKINutritious was created by holistic aesthetician and certified nutritionist, Elise May, who combined her knowledge and passion for skincare and diet to craft a plant-based skin care line that is simple yet effective in healing skin problems. After nearly a decade struggling with acne, seeking answers from skin professionals, products and prescriptions. Elise found her own pathway to beautiful, clear skin through a plant-based diet, a happy lifestyle, and natural skin care products.

The SKINutritious line utilises the most powerful plant ingredients available to treat an array of inflammatory skin conditions and support your healthiest skin ever. All products have been tested to be non-comedogenic and safe for sensitive skin and never tested on animals. 

Elise believes products often do not clear acne for good – “your participation is the most important factor in having clear, beautiful skin. Living luminous and acne-free is a daily lifestyle choice".

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